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District Energy Solar Thermal System

TKDA’s energy team increased the efficiency and effectiveness of a city-wide district heating system

When District Energy St. Paul wanted to provide more energy to their distribution system without increasing fuel usage, TKDA’s energy team found and implemented the energy solution. Our team provided the planning, design, and construction assistance needed to implement a solar energy solution that increased the effectiveness of Saint Paul’s city-wide district heating system. With the help of our energy engineers, District Energy installed 144 solar collectors at the RiverCentre convention center and vastly improved the solar thermal capacity of their system.

At the time of construction, this project was one of the first commercial thermal solar projects integrated into a district heating system in the United States and the largest project of its type in the Midwest

CLIENT: District Energy St. Paul
LOCATION: Saint Paul, Minnesota
AWARDS: ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Grand Award, IREC Innovation Award