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Iron Oxide Pellet Manufacturing Plant

TKDA worked on aggressive schedule to overcome challenging soil conditions for new manufacturing plant

A new iron oxide pellet manufacturing plant located in the upper Midwest needed to be built on an aggressive schedule while overcoming poor soils on site. TKDA helped the project meet these challenges by completing final engineering documents for portions of the new plant. Throughout the project, our team worked closely with the owner/operator to ensure successful completion.

TKDA used steel pilings to support settlement-sensitive structures and conveyor systems. The rail car rotary dump building extended approximately 80 feet below grade, creating strong soil and water pressure on the foundation walls, which at the lowest level were approximately eight feet thick. The project included several facilities, including:

  • Rail Car Rotary Dump Building
  • Conveyor Drive House Building
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Concentrate Storage Barn
  • Underground Conveyor Tunnel
  • Overland Conveyor Galleries
  • Limestone and Dolomite Storage Building
  • Pellet Loadout Building