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For more than a century, TKDA has crafted the spaces and buildings that make our communities vibrant and livable. Inclusive and welcoming civic buildings, streetscapes, open spaces, and trails all combine to support engagement with our communities and elevate our quality of living. TKDA engages communities to create sustainable and resilient spaces that are not only beautiful, but highly functional. From plazas and playgrounds to large-scale parks, rehabilitated nature preserves, and community centers our projects tell great stories about the positive impact these facilities have on communities. 

Expertise + Integrated Solutions

TKDA’s team provides complete planning and design services to create vibrant parks and corridors connecting your community and your residents to our outdoor treasures. By combining landscape architecture with the support of our engineers and planners, we have successfully completed a broad range of trail and sustainable park design projects for cities, counties, and regional authorities. We treat every trail and park project as an opportunity to create sustainable, healthy enhancement so communities can grow and thrive. 

TKDA’s dedicated wellness, recreation and athletic design team understands the positive impact sports facilities make on communities. We deliver high performance facilities that promote health and wellness and serve as focal points for communities. From athletic fields and stadiums to wellness centers, we develop facilities that accommodate the diverse and evolving needs of sports, recreation, health and wellness. More than just housing sports and recreation programs, these facilities are gathering places. They serve assemblies and events of all types, and open doors to their surrounding communities. 

From a state fair campus to a multi-use sport and entertainment facility, TKDA’s engineers and architects have deep experience solving the planning, design, and maintenance challenges of these public assets.  

Effective and efficient park maintenance facilities are critical to provide essential service and maintenance of park infrastructure and amenities. These facilities house essential public works and park maintenance functions, staff, and equipment that keep our parks and trails open and welcoming. Our park planners and designers draw on TKDA’s team of specialized experts in the design of operations and maintenance facilities for a wide range of clients, including state departments of transportation, counties, municipalities, and private industry.  

Whether designing a corporate campus plaza, a new pedestrian plaza, or a mixed-mode transportation corridor, TKDA’s multi-disciplined teams of architects, landscape architects, planners and engineers collaborate to create vibrant, safe, activated, and accessible environments. 

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