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TKDA’s team serves as your single source for planning, design, and construction management services for railroad track, facility, and fueling projects. As experts in the rail market, we have completed projects for diverse clients, including Class I and shortline railroads, rail transit and commuter rail agencies, municipalities, ports and harbors, and industrial and private developers.

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Railroad bridges are one of our specialties. From the design of new bridges to the replacement, rehabilitation, and repair of existing structures, our team has decades of experience delivering innovative rail bridge design solutions that are cost-effective and minimize future maintenance costs for our clients. Our dedication to safety and construction standards provides a vital link between our railroad clients, partnering agencies, and construction firms that encourages transparency, cooperation, and efficiency. These lasting relationships add value for our rail clients as we represent their interests from the earliest stages of design. 

TKDA’s Track Group is an industry leader in rail survey, track design, and construction management services. Not only do we design mainline, yard, siding, and intermodal tracks, we also offer a multi-discipline railroad department with the flexibility, experience, and knowledge to handle all of your design needs. We perform new construction projects, ranging from rail spurs and intermodal yards to facilities, including survey, preliminary and final design, construction management, and track alignment and staking. We help our rail clients work with public agencies to respond to opportunities. TKDA has the knowledge and expertise in track, intermodal, and infrastructure design to efficiently deliver this critical link for rail systems across the country.

We have decades of experience in rail facility design and construction management. We understand the need for efficient, flexible solutions that hold up to the demands of rail equipment and end users. TKDA offers design-bid or design-build services on a wide-range of rail facilities, including mainline and service fueling facilities; tank car loading and unloading facilities; truck loading and unloading facilities; tank farms; pump houses; diesel fuel; lube oil and water systems; sanding systems; yard air systems; utilities; buildings – new and remodel; locomotive; car and coach maintenance facilities.

We conduct thorough risk assessments and develop customized safety plans to mitigate potential hazards and improve overall safety for drivers and pedestrians and railway personnel. We also help implement technology solutions to monitor and manage rail operations. With our commitment to public safety, we strive to create a secure and reliable rail transportation system that meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency for our clients.

We have the tools and experience to design a new system or improve an existing site. Our team understands the unique requirements of gravity pipes, manholes, and storage tanks on an active industrial site. We can help inventory your current conveyance system, assess and rate its condition, and complete the design of any needed rehabilitation or replacement infrastructure. Our work covers all aspects of pump stations, including forcemains, valve structures, backup power generators, pump buildings, electrical controls, automation, odor control, and HVAC. We provide advisory and engineering design services to assist our Class 1 Railroad clients in selecting treatment processes to meet regulatory standard compliance, simplify operations, and provide cost-effective solutions.

With the ever-changing regulatory environment, we understand development impacts and water resources management strategies. We specialize in planning, designing, permitting, and the construction of complex hydraulic, hydrologic, and water quality projects.

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