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Metro Transit LRT Operations and Maintenance Facility Expansion

TKDA expands major maintenance facility to improve light rail operations

TKDA completed an expansion of the Hiawatha Light Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility, which provides storage and service for additional light rail vehicles for the Green Line and accommodates the existing Blue Line’s transition from two-car to three-car trains. The expansion includes a 43,000 SF addition to the vehicle storage building, a 16,000 SF maintenance addition, an addition to the Rail Control Center, and the addition of a light rail vehicle lift, hoists, cranes, and a geothermal heating and cooling system. We also modified the yard track, traction power, overhead catenary, communications, and signal systems. TKDA designed and provided construction oversight of the original Light Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility, which consisted of a 115,000 SF vehicle maintenance shop and a 47,000 SF vehicle storage building. We also designed the remodel of an 8,600 SF maintenance-of-way building.

CLIENT: Metropolitan Council
LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota
AWARDS: Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers (MnSPE) Seven Wonders of Engineering Merit Award