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Mankato Regional Airport Holding Bays

TKDA Leads Multi-Year Operational Flow Enhancements at Mankato Regional Airport

TKDA provided planning, engineering design, and construction administration/observation services to complete a multi-year program to improve operational flow and accommodate growing flight training operations at the Mankato Regional Airport. TKDA staff worked with the FAA to develop a holding bay concept that would accommodate multiple aircraft to hold while allowing other aircraft ready for departure to bypass. Our team analyzed peak hour operations, aircraft fleet mix, and hold times to determine the appropriate number of hold positions and holding bay layout. Then, we designed the geometric layout and pavement structure to accommodate the turn movements and wheel loads of the aircraft forecasted to use the holding bay.

TKDA worked closely with FAA staff to ensure all program elements were 100% eligible for funding. Ultimately, the project received approximately $7.9M in federal discretionary funding over two years at a 100% funding rate.

CLIENT: City of Mankato
LOCATION: Mankato, Minnesota