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TKDA specializes in providing expert solutions for surface water management. With years of experience and a team of highly skilled engineers, we are dedicated to helping our clients effectively manage and utilize surface water resources. Whether it’s designing sustainable drainage systems, conducting flood risk assessments, or implementing water conservation strategies, we are committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. Trust us to navigate the complexities of surface water management and ensure the sustainable and efficient use of this vital resource.

Expertise + Integrated Solutions

We understand the importance of efficiently collecting and transporting surface water to prevent flooding, erosion, and water quality issues. We utilize advanced modeling techniques and cutting-edge technology to analyze flow patterns, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize the conveyance infrastructure.

We take care to implement erosion control measures. We develop erosion control plans to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation during construction activities.

Our surface water experts integrate sustainable design principles into surface water strategies, such as rainwater harvesting systems and water recycling to reduce the demand for potable water and minimize the impact on natural water resources.

TKDA consultants specialize in environmental compliance and permitting, offering services such as environmental impact assessments, permitting assistance, environmental monitoring and development of environmental management plans. We ensure that your project meets all applicable regulations.

We help clients navigate the funding landscape and identify potential sources of funding for surface water projects. We have extensive experience in accessing grants, loans and other funding opportunities. Our team will work closely with you to develop a funding strategy to ensure successful implementation.

We offer a range of services for managing and understanding surface water resources including modeling, mapping, water quality assessments and watershed management planning. With our expertise, we help clients make informed decisions and develop sustainable strategies to effectively manage surface water requirements.

TKDA experts are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable strategies for managing and storing surface water. We offer feasibility studies, design and construction of storage facilities and water balance assessments. We help clients optimize their water storage capacity, mitigate flood risks, and ensure a reliable water supply for various purposes.

Our team is committed to water quality and conservation on every project. We develop strategies to improve water quality by implementing best management practices for controlling pollutants. We also assess specific project requirements and prioritize sustainable design principles while minimizing the impact on water resources.

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