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TKDA has a proven history of developing long-term and sustainable aviation planning and design solutions for diverse clients, from large international airports to general aviation airfields and military bases. Our multi-disciplined team of experienced aviation planning and engineering experts works collaboratively with you to develop the right solutions that fit the needs, budget, and schedule of your project.

We plan and coordinate with your team as well as the FAA, tenants, and permitting agencies to ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. With our experienced and responsive field staff, we minimize the impact on airport operations while keeping the project on time and on budget.

Expertise + Integrated Solutions

TKDA is a leader in airport planning and has completed both focused and comprehensive airport master planning studies. These valuable projects allow airport owners to make informed decisions about the future of their facility and secure project funding.

We first work with your airport to identify your specific needs. Then we develop project justification, development options, and utilize our expertise of the industry and regulatory environment to develop a realistic Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). 

We work closely with airport authorities, airlines, and other stakeholders to ensure efficient and safe airside operations. From runway and taxiway design to apron layout and aircraft parking, we analyze and evaluate various factors such as aircraft size, traffic volume, and safety regulations to develop solutions. We also provide guidance on the implementation of advanced technologies and sustainable practices to enhance operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Our focus is on designing, implementing and maintaining the critical infrastructure that supports safe and efficient airfield operations. We partner with airport authorities and air traffic controllers to ensure that everything from runway and taxiway lighting to navigational aids and communication networks meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and regulations to analyze the unique requirements of each airfield.

We analyze and evaluate factors including fuel demand, safety protocols, and environmental considerations to develop innovative solutions that ensure fueling systems and procedures meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. We work with our clients to help minimize fuel wastage and consider fuel storage, distribution systems, fueling hydrant systems, and fueling vehicles to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Our focus is on a seamless, safe, and enjoyable travel experience for our clients’ passengers and aviators. From deicing facilities to snow removal equipment buildings and terminals, we provide comprehensive solutions to optimize functionality and efficiency.

Our engineers are experts in creating seamless connections between terminals, parking areas, and ground transportation. We develop innovative solutions that improve traffic management and maximize operational efficiency. We are committed to smooth passenger flow by minimizing congestion.

The depth and breadth of our integrated team includes experts that understand water flow and the impact that airfield changes have on outflow to the surrounding community. We provide expertise in stormwater management, water supply systems, wastewater treatment, and water conservation. Our services include designing and implementing sustainable drainage systems, rainwater harvesting systems, and water reuse strategies. Our goal is to help airports effectively manage their water resources, reduce water consumption, and enhance overall sustainability while maintaining operational efficiency.

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